Q. How will the openurl link resolver work in Primo VE?


The link resolver base url is:


eg.: https://suny-ups.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/openurl/01SUNY_UPS/01SUNY_UPS:01SUNY_UPS?

Update 7/2020: The latest format that Ex Libris recommends (after October 2018), does include a question mark at the end of the string. An older format without a question mark may work with some vendors, but less consistently.

This link needs to be updated in:

  • All of your databases from which you'll want a "get full-text" type link
  • Google Scholar 
  • Anywhere else that you're using a "get full-text" link

How the links work:

The result looks like your detailed record:

  • if you have direct linking turned on, you go right to the source
  • if you require any logins (ignoring true SSO capabilities), you'll see a login
  • if you display all links, that's what you'll see

Example of what patron would see after logging in:

Default Link Resolver view

You'll need to decide whether or not you want to make patrons sign-on to see the link results. The open url does kick you to a sign in if the results are behind a sign in Primo:

OpenURL sign-in

If you don't like the way this works, you can change the ILLiad link to appear in front of the sign-in by setting "Enable without login" to yes:

ILLiad no login

If you don't change this, your patrons will be required to login to Primo to see the request button, and then login to ILLiad to place the request.

Incomplete requests: If a request comes in that's missing a full URL or something like that, it will default to go to Resource Sharing instead of ILLiad. 

DOI searching and PMID searching: see https://slcny.libanswers.com/faq/262503 

Here is the related documentation on the OpenURL and services page (essentially the interface for the Alma link resolver): https://knowledge.exlibrisgroup.com/Primo/Product_Documentation/020Primo_VE/025Display_Configuration/015Configuring_the_Services_Page_for_Primo_VE

The main menu links are hidden by default on the services page, but the following CSS can be added to the custom1.css file in the customization package to display the links: 
/* Show Main Menu links on Services Page */
prm-topbar .isDeposit, prm-topbar .isServicePage, prm-topbar .isSummonOverAlma {display: inline;}
See attached spreadsheet for each institution's services page URL.


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  1. Do you have additional details to share about setting up a Custom Link in EBSCO to locate full text through Primo/Alma? I've got the link icon and the base URL (thank you), but what do I enter in the Query String field? Any advice about the Advanced Settings options? I appreciate your help.
    by Susanna - Tompkins Cortland on Jul 01, 2019.
  2. Is there any update on the incomplete link resolver requests triggering a resource sharing request link instead of an interlibrary loan link?
    by Ryan Grimmer - Erie on Nov 08, 2019.
  3. Hello, Ryan. We just did an online training session that should answer your question. The recording is available here:



    by Tim Jackson on Dec 11, 2019.