How do I link more than one IZ record to the NZ?


To link a singe record, use "Share With Network" in the MD Editor to link one IZ record at a time to the NZ. The best way to link multiple IZ records to the NZ is to create a set and run the “Link a set of records to the Network Zone” job on the set.

Create a Set:

  • Perform an All Titles repository search for the bib records you want to link to the NZ and save your results as a logical set
  • Or create an itemized set of records from an Excel or .cvs list of barcodes or MMS ids


Run the Link a set of records to the Network Zone job:

  1. Go to Admin>Manage Jobs and Sets>Run a job
  2. Search for the “Link a set of records to the Network Zone” job and click on the radio button next to it
  3. Click Next
  4. Click on the radio button next to the set you want to run this job on
  5. Select: 035 (other system identifier) match method
  6. For the system identifier prefix type in: (OCoLC)
  7. Click Next
  8. Review the job settings and click Submit if correct
  9. Click Confirm
  10. The job will run and link the IZ bib record to the NZ bib record. If there is no corresponding record in the NZ, the error report will show the missing titles. Export the missing bibs from OCLC into the NZ and then link the IZ bib.
  • Last Updated Oct 31, 2022
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  • Answered By Margaret McGee

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