I "Deleted" a PO Line during creation and the bib record is now linked to the NZ and displaying in Primo VE. How do I unlink the bib record from the NZ and delete the record from the IZ?


Deleting or canceling a POL from the Purchase Order Lines Details screen does not automatically delete the associated bib record. To delete the bib record, you will need to unlink it from the NZ and then delete the local bib record.

  1. Open the bib record in the MD Editor by clicking Edit Record
  2. Go to File>Copy to Catalog. This unlinks the record from the NZ
  3. Click the Save Icon (Ctrl+S)
  4. Go to File>Delete Record
  5. Click Yes when the confirmation box appears asking if you really want to delete the record


To find other records in the IZ with no holdings, which may have been created when deleting or canceling a POL, perform an advanced repository search: Physical Titles: Linked Institution>Equals>Network AND Has inventory>equals>No

  • Last Updated Oct 31, 2022
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