CSU/SUNY Alma Resource Sharing Pilot Project


This FAQ contains information on the Alma resource sharing pilot project between the California State University (CSU) system and SUNY.  It is being maintained by SUNY Library Services.  If you have any questions about this project, please email timothy.jackson@suny.edu.

For CSU's documentation on this project, please see: https://calstate.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/URS/pages/2132213823/CSU+and+SUNY+Task+Force

Last Updated: July 20, 2022


Pilot Project Parameters

  • Start Date: July 2021
  • End Date: May 2022
  • Request Types: Physical requests only
  • Loan Period: 16 weeks with no renewals
  • Shipping Method: no specific shipping requirements, but all participants should use a trackable shipping method


Pilot Project Participants


General Contact: Chris Lee (cwlee@calstate.edu)


General Contact: Timothy Jackson (timothy.jackson@suny.edu)

Campus Contacts Campus Contacts
Chico Christina Misuraca (cmisuraca@csuchico.edu)
Jeannie Graham (jgraham@csuchico.edu)
Karen Wagner (kmwagner@csuchico.edu)
Leslie Botsford (lbotsford@csuchico.edu)
Albany Angela Persico (apersico@albany.edu)
Fullerton Stacy Caron (scaron@fullerton.edu) Buffalo

Borrowing: Anne Bouvier (bouvier@buffalo.edu)

Lending: Lisa McLaughlin (lisapano@buffalo.edu)

Humboldt Meghann Weldon (meghann@humboldt.edu) Binghamton Elise Thornley (thornley@binghamton.edu)

Borrowing: sara.larson@csun.edu

Lending: melissa.duran@csun.edu

General: interlibrary.loan@csun.edu, darnesa.morris@csun.edu

Oswego Morgan Bond (morgan.bond@oswego.edu)
Sacramento Astra Gleason (gleasona@csus.edu) Purchase Kristen Heinrich (kristen.heinrich@purchase.edu)
    Stony Brook Matthew Hartman (matthew.hartman@stonybrook.edu)



Below is a summary of SUNY's configuration for this pilot project.  All SUNY participants were configured in the same manner by SLS. 

  • Cal State Resource Sharing Partners: Chico, Fullerton, Humboldt, Northridge, Sarcamento
    • distributed from SUNY Network Zone
  • Rota Template: Cal State
    • distributed from SUNY Network Zone
  • Rota Assignment Rule: Cal State
    • applied to all physical requests
  • Temporary Item Creation Rule: RS Cal State Loan
    • applied when lending partner is a CSU library
    • assigns RS Cal State Loan item policy to items borrowed from CSU libraries
  • Loan Terms of Use: Cal State Borrowing Long Loan
    • 112 day loan period
    • no renewals allowed
  • Loan Fulfillment Unit Rule: RS Cal State Loan
    • applied to resource sharing loans with RS Cal State Loan item policy



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